Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Hello Kitty Halloween Panties

waist stretches up to 40 in
leg holes stretch up to 30 in
can be worn as XS, SM, or MD


I'm really happy about making underwear. There's a girl on internet who calls her shop the anti-victoria's secret or something like that, but I don't understand how she can say that when her prices are pretty up there. I'm not trash talking, I just recall watching a video where she said she hated not being able to afford VS's panties, and that's why her and her friends started doing it. But the prices....neeeh...I would never spend that much on one pair of panties.
Again, not talking shit. She has very amazing panties. Very creative and such. Just not wallet friendly.
My undies are available on Etsy now, starting at 7 dollars a pair. I'd like to think that's pretty reasonable. :]

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