Thursday, January 06, 2011


I am really terrible on keeping up with these things, but it’s a habit I’d like to break. I’m hoping that by keeping a log on my computer every day, I’ll be able to make sure everyone else is updated on here.
It’s been six months since I moved to Arizona, and six months since my boyfriend and I started dating. This is the absolute happiest I’ve been since I hit puberty. I’ve upset a lot of people in the last few years, and I’ve had to live with just as much anger, hurt, and guilt as any of them over everything that’s transpired. I digress.
My boyfriend and I just moved into a cute little trailer that has a built-on bedroom. I look at it and see all the potential that it has, and I am overcome with happiness…and stress.
I have way too many interests to be able to pursue all of them and ever get anything accomplished. So, I’m going to try and hide some of my hobbies away and focus on building one at a time for a while. I really love nail art, so I’d like to start working on some videos of my experiments in that field. I just need to remind myself of these kinds of things, often. Even if I don’t get a chance to make videos of the things I’m pushing for these days, I’d still like to keep some verbal evidence of it all. With that being said!
I made some really amazing cookies over the holidays for the family and they were absolutely delicious. I know the concept may sound strange to a lot of people but don’t dog it before you try it, seriously. Everyone LOVED them. Seriously they are some of the best cookies I’ve ever tried. I have become a huge fan of using ricotta in cooking and baking. It is such a wonderful cheese that is very versatile in the food realm. The cookies were not overly sweet; they were dense and very soft from the ricotta but still had a cookie flavor from the vanilla and sugar. I would like to play with the recipe a bit in the future, possibly work some other elements in. They are a very rewarding recipe and will not disappoint. (sooooooooooo delicious!)
Instead of doing the milk and powdered sugar icing, either eat them plain or with some kind of buttery fluffy frosting…homemade, of course! I whipped heavy cream until was a fluffy yet firm consistency—always be cautious not to over-beat your cream or it will get really yucky. In a separate bowl I mixed butter and sugar on high for about 5-7 minutes until it was a lighter consistency. I added vanilla and mixed for another minute or two. I then folded the whipped cream into the buttery mix and spread it on about half of the cookies while they were still warm. The cookies AND the frosting were a huge hit. My boyfriend and I also created some amazing homemade Alfredo sauce and baked chicken and veggies in it while I was mixing the cookies. I now have a slow cooker and a lot of hopes so there’s a good chance I will be posting recipe ideas and reviews as I get settled into my new environment.
I got another job yesterday as a customer care consultant. I will be making $9+ an hour plus sales bonuses. It’s going to be forty hours a week and it will be a steady schedule which means I will be able to set aside specific time to genuinely try and get back into a good routine involving this blog and my hobbies. It will also mean that I will have money to put toward these hobbies and interests. My first priority is going to be making our house into a HOME. I have full intentions of posting all the improvements I make and step-by-step project instructions for anything I come up with. I just received “The Big-Ass Book of Crafts” in the mail from an important friend and will most likely be using it for a few projects around the house. I will also be writing a review on the book in good time as I go through it. I have to say though just from skimming through the projects I am highly pleased with the book.
Anyhow, it’s about time that I finished unpacking and all that jazz. I will start another entry some time tomorrow. Craft on <3